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The barrels

vinification intégrale

Under test since 2002, this technique has been highly developed, improved and simplified to the point that it has become a benchmark. All users have agreed that it results in wines that are rounder, more voluminous, bolder, more complex and with greater aromatic accuracy and a silky finish. Tonnellerie Leroi is a sole supplier of this equipment.


Since 1735, Tonnellerie Leroi has employed the best coopers capable of constructing high-quality barrels in just a few hours.Rich in cooperage know-how, creativity and made to exacting standards, Leroi vats first saw the light of day over 30 years ago not far from Cognac.Created in the Barret workshops by a specialist and developed by a team of experts, these large-capacity vats are made to the standards of excellence demanded by Leroi.

Purchased mainly from State forests managed by the ONF (Office National des Forêts), our oaks are certified as PEFC. After they have been cut into planks 54 and 65 mm thick they are naturally dried in the open air for between 36 and 48 months.

Having studied the exact requirements of your project (end use of the vats, choice of accessories, site constraints) we will draw up the complete specifications in conjunction with our artisan coopers. A clear description, detailed plans and a quote are all provided.

Once approved, the precise construction work on the vat begins and will continue up to Installation in your cellar.


Each tank is a unique product through which the personality of the user will express itself. Whether intended for wine, spirits, fermentation or maturing, closed or open top, for French or foreign vineyards, our master cask makers are able to meet our clients’ expectations perfectly.

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The accessories

Thanks to a very wide range of specific and unique accessories, Leroi cooperage has the possibility of adapting every tanks and casks to the specifications of its customers.

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